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Plant-based Councils is an Animal Rising campaign that calls on UK councils to take climate action by promoting plant-based eating to their residents and to lead by example with 100% plant-based internal catering.

Alongside other Animal Rising projects, we aim to achieve the necessary transition to a plant-based food system to address the climate crisis and free up vast amounts of land.


Rewilding the freed-up land and ocean will create space for nature to return, leading to a reduction in the levels of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere and restoration of habitats for native animal species to bounce back. This solution is the most effective answer to the climate and nature emergencies.

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The community-based and volunteer-driven Plant-based Councils campaign is accessible to everyone across the country - we can all take action in our own local councils.


With every council that makes a plant-based transition, the need for a plant-based food system is further legitimised and becomes better understood. The wider community will look to councils and other institutions for leadership, and be inspired to make plant-based changes themselves.

1. Ensuring food and drink provided at all internal meetings and events is 100% plant-based, prioritising seasonal British produce to support our farmers.

2. Prioritising plant-based menu options wherever else the council has influence, for example in leisure centres, public cafes, and schools.

3. Promoting and encouraging plant-based eating to residents and removing meat and dairy advertising where the council has an influence.

We ask that councils take action on the climate and nature emergencies by:

Plant Based Councils Quote From Councillor Middleton

Cllr Ian Middleton

Green Party, Oxfordshire County Council

“These are not changes we are making for ourselves, but for future generations. This is a very minor change that sends a powerful message to the people we represent that we take tackling climate change seriously and are prepared to play our part as community leaders”. 

Plant Based Councils Quote From Collis

Cllr Alex Collis

Labour, Deputy Leader, Cambridge City Council

“The impact of diet, and how we produce our food, is a really important issue and something we absolutely should be debating as a council … we can make a change, a change that has an impact on our environment.… this is a central part of our commitment to becoming a net zero council.” 

Plant Based Councils Quote From Wood

Cllr Duncan Wood

Labour, Lead Councillor for Climate Change, Exeter City Council

"I am asking council to play a role in raising awareness of the benefits of plant-based foods, to ourselves, our families and our planet, and in our role as civic leaders, doing what we can to support the changes we as a society need to make. We need to lead the way."

Plant Based Councils Quote From Leffman

Cllr Liz Leffman

Liberal Democrat, Leader of Oxfordshire County Council 

“I am not a vegan or a vegetarian myself and neither are many of my Cabinet colleagues. Nevertheless, I think it is right that we at Oxfordshire County Council will serve plant-based food only at the small number of events that are catered for each year at County Hall.”


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Get in touch to join one of the existing groups shown below, and if your council doesn't appear on the map then we can help you to start a local campaign!

This Animal Rising campaign is supported by ProVeg UK and Plant-Based Health Professionals, two brilliant organisations at the forefront of helping people eat better food.

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